In the meantime…

I’m heading to New York in FIVE days! Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. But upon my return, it is looking like I may be picking up some freelance PR work for a couple of local businesses, which I wouldn’t say is bad for someone who has just graduated! They will be the first real clients I’ve had, my family and friends don’t really count.. do they? But anyway, I’m quite nervous about it so I would really appreciate it if anyone in the PR industry has any tips! I know that this might slow down my job search, but it will be some great experience to add to my CV.

So if anyone has any ideas on where a PR newbie grad should start, please drop a comment below! It will be very very much appreciated. 🙂



The hunt is on..

I’ll be graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University this summer, and now the search is on for the perfect job, at the perfect company, in the perfect location at the perfect time. I finished University on Tuesday and have already applied to what feels like a million different positions. Proactive, that’s my style! But now I’ve had a bit of a chance to sit back and really think about the kind of job I would like, I’m spending a little bit of time refining my applications and preparing myself for what an interview at a PR agency might actually involve.


What do I want?

What do I want to do in my day to day role? Do I want to be behind a desk all day, or do I want to be on my feet and getting things done? I think some of each would be perfect for me. I enjoy writing, and I believe I’m good at it, so I think a position such as content creator or copywriter might be suitable for me. However, I also want to have a bit of variation in my job, so I’m pulled towards events too. I like to work with teams to develop creative campaigns, and I think that as a junior PR executive, I would be able to do all of the things I enjoy, keeping my fingers in different pies.

How am I going to get it?

This is the difficult part. Now I know what it is I want (sort of), I have to go out and get it. But why should people hire ME over anyone else? I’m currently working on this. I didn’t do a year placement for my course, so that immediately puts me behind everyone else, however I believe I have some strong experience in PR and I’m always willing to learn new skills. I’m spending much more time improving my online persona (Twitter, LinkedIn), making sure that I’m connecting with the right people and putting the right content out there. I know this might take a while because I’m still learning, but I don’t want to give up on improving my own reputation. I’m too excited about my future career to do that. So I’ve been researching PR agencies in Manchester and doing my best to connect with them and spend some time researching who they are, what they’re about, etc. I guess that job-hunting is my new full-time job now!

What else can I do?

In the meantime, I plan on improving my skill sets, whether it is attending workshops or developing stronger connections with people in the industry, everything I plan on doing from now on will add to my CV and hopefully improve my talents as a PR practitioner!


So if anyone reading this is aware of any opportunities available, please let me know!


Work Experience at Dinosaur PR!

For the past few weeks, I have been working in the office of Dinosaur PR once a week. I’ve been particularly involved in developing and editing a new student magazine, Student Wire! I have been contacting student journalists and writing my own articles, coming up with content for the Twitter feed and generating interest on student forums. Image

This week, the Student Wire has launched, leading with a competition on finding the world’s worst workspace! Students all over the country can upload photos of their’s or their friend’s rooms, and be in with the opportunity of winning £100, a professional cleaner and some powerful Adobe Creative Cloud software.

 So come on, help a girl out! The articles on the Student Wire are all written by student journalists, and we’re always looking for more writers! If you’re interested, then please let us know via email And if you think you have the World’s Worst Workspace then please, enter our competition!!


Slander, Libel and Hearsay.

Max Clifford is a self-confessed liar. Apparently. I’ve just arrived home from a lecture at Uni from the man himself and he had a lot to tell us.

First of all, as far as I am aware, in the PR industry Max Clifford is a taboo subject. It’s “controversial” to agree with his ethics and methods. The only way I know this is because we had a lecture from the CIPR the other week about how important it is to be 100% honest and true in your work. And they informed us that Max Clifford was not the ideal example. Yet he was still invited to lecture at a CIPR conference. (Now who’s got double standards?)

Many people were asking Max about his ethics, the many lies he’s told and stories he’s spun. Many people were speaking to him in a tone which implied they did not approve of his work. Yes, he has worked with some people to cover up affairs, and he worked on the Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty case, on Jade’s side. Yes, he is still firm in his belief that OJ didn’t murder his wife and some people don’t agree with that.

One question which really made me think was when someone asked him about whether or not he knew about Jimmy Saville/Gary Glitter and whether or not he went to the police with the information he had received. Max replied that he always goes to the police if he has very good evidence to believe what he’s being told is true. However, someone also said that it is on record that he DIDN’T go to the police with knowledge about Gary Glitter. This caused a little bit of a debate.. well, more of an argument.

Max’s client asked him not to go public with the claims as they didn’t want to cause any more damage. So he didn’t. He didn’t go to the police either. And what was failed to mention on BOTH sides of this argument was that if he had gone to the police with these claims, it would be disregarded as HEARSAY. And if he had gone public with it, without any evidence to back it up, then if proved untrue it would be SLANDER, or LIBEL. Slander and libel are WRONG. You can be SUED. And going to the police with hearsay can potentially be viewed as wasting police time, which is also an offence.

People believe that if they tell their counsellors or therapists something, they are legally obligated to go to the police. This isn’t true, the only way anyone is able to press charges is if the victim themselves report the crime. Max has covered up affairs and lied about those types of things before, but they are not CRIMES. He could still go public if he wanted to. I know that people are going to have left that lecture thinking that Max Clifford is a liar and he doesn’t deserve to have this reputation as “the face of PR”. In fact, not even many of my coursemates have a lot of support for him. Not that he needs much support, he charges £20,000 a month for his services. But anyway. He’s not just the face of PR, no, he is a businessman, an entrepreneur and he has his own business to look after, one which I am sure he wouldn’t want to subject to the risk of being sued down to the ground if he was to publish a story about a very serious crime based on utter and complete hearsay. Jimmy Saville and Gary Glitter turned out NOT to be hearsay, obviously, but only an idiot would go public with that information without having clear and hard evidence to back it up.

He obviously doesn’t really care if he offends anyone with his opinions or methods, the fact is, they work and they are what has made him rich. I’m not saying I agree totally with everything Max Clifford said today, but the way that people were attacking his intentions in this particular part of the lecture really got me wound up.

So I’m saying that I think maybe some PR students (and even some practitioners) may need to revisit their notes on what they can and cannot say and with or without whose permission. They may even possibly want to consider the consequences of breaking these laws and just how honest we need to be to protect our own industry in the big bad world out there.

Year 2, Semester 1.

Two months back into Uni and I’m already screaming “I CAN’T DO IT!” Everyone always said that first year was easy, it was just to ease you in to the Uni lifestyle.. I wish I’d listened. Second year is SO much harder! And as a student who isn’t going to be taking a placement year (against all recommendations, I know) it means that I’m going to have to work extremely hard to make this year count.

I’ve already got all my assignments and their deadlines all fall around the same dates, they involve so much more work than last year and around this I still have to find a part-time placement. Looks like I’m going to need to hone in on my time-management skills. Phew!

But I’m SUUURE it’ll all be fine, tonight I applied for a journalism job and a part-time placement, I have a meeting at a BMW showroom to do some research for an assignment this Friday and tomorrow I’m going to see Max Clifford lecture. Which should be interesting, though I hope he’ll steer away from the Jimmy Saville/Gary Glitter stories, as I’m sure he has much more interesting things to tell us.

Anyway, tonight I’m going to be curling up in my duvet watching the Pride of Britain awards with a GIGANTIC bar of chocolate and a lovely glass of red wine, restoring my faith in the people of Britain. Enough work for now.

A-thank you and goodnight.